Manufacturer : Miyagawa Seisakusho Tokyo Japan.

Dates :c 1947.

Small viewfinder camera for 24×24 exposures on 35mm wide bolta size rollfilm.

This model has a barrel shaped viewfinder .

Lens Picner Anastigmat f 4,5/40 mm Aperture is f 4,5-f16

The shutter is marked speeds b,25,50,100

This model has No accessory shoe on top.

The shutter is operated by two levers ,one to cock the shutter ,and the other to release it.

This camera is similar to the Boltax cameras.

And nearly identical to Yamato Dan 35II .

A very hard to find camera .

Boltax picny d 1285  1 Boltax picny d 1285  2 Boltax picny d 1285  3 Boltax picny d 1285  4 Boltax picny d 1285  5 Boltax picny d 1285  6



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